Brick and mortar businesses are easy to insure. However, you may be in a coastal location with exposure to hurricanes and you may also rent surfboards, SUP, or boogie boards. That complicates things and makes most insurance companies reject your application. Here, at, we can provide you a complete package or just insure your rental or surf school operations, your choice.  We offer property and casualty and will review your needs and make recommendations for your risk management.

“Some owners just don’t know that if they a rent a board out, the standard business owners policy won’t cover that or if they lead a surfing trip, hold a contest, use a boat, give a lesson.  These things all need to be talked about.”


  • Property
  • General Liability
  • Business Auto
  • Equipment
  • Crime
  • Employee Theft

Property coverages include building and personal property. Or if you are leasing your space, we can insure your contents and building personal property.  Our liability goes with you when you leave the shop to teach lessons or when your boards are rented out. You may even rent kayaks, beach chairs, etc… No problem.

Putting on a surf event? We can insure your contest with a special event policy so if things go wrong, so you have the correct coverage.