Having an event? Pretty sure you need a special event policy? Does it have watercraft coverage? On water? Are your judges, officials, volunteers all insured? Can they sue you if they are hurt? Will that be covered? We have all the answers and can offer you the coverages for your events and contests.

“It is amazing how different two insurance policies can be that are trying to cover the same event: mind-blowing how some companies exclude coverages and what people will buy just to save a buck.”

Important Considerations for Special Events

  • Vendors
  • Judges and Officials
  • Volunteers
  • Additional Insureds
  • Spectators

What about the beach, lake or municipality that wants to be additional insured? Vendors? There are lots of considerations when promoting an event. Spectators safety and having a policy are critical to your long term success.

Why do I need insurance? Vendors coverages?  Watch this video and ask if anyone is going to be sued:

Remember this one at Maverick’s?


Are you doing association races or events? Does your association need a program and want the buying power and negotiating strength that an association can bring? Are you a member of the World Paddle Association or the Paddle fit? We have relationships with these associations and provide their members with the most competitive insurance available. Not just cost or price but comprehensive liability coverages.  Please call to discuss.