Are you a small operation that teaches Yoga or Fitness on a paddle board? Your current insurance company probably does not like that, The added peril of water and the new risk of drowning could have them scared. We have companies that have vetted the exposure and know what they need to charge and have the proper coverage forms to cover the on water exposures.

If you offer instructional classes with qualified instructors and your clients learn safely, we can help. SUP Yoga and Yoga on a Paddle Board is easy to insure.

SUP Yoga classes are all levels, traditional Yoga classes taught on the water on stand up paddle boards. Classes cover the basics of maneuvering on a board and the keys to accessing yoga postures on the water for the full range of beginners to advanced. Enjoy learning while adapting to the motion of the board, optional opportunity to play with inversions (it’s much easier to fall into water than a hard floor!). Nature creates the optimal studio for learning to flow and enjoy the ride!

The World Paddle Association and Paddlefit are just two of the professional associations that we aim to please. We see the value added their professionalism brings.

We work with industry associations to provide the best coverage forms available for instructors and events. When we insure YOGA classes coverage extends to the on water liability, no exclusions for participants, has medical payments coverage and is place with a A++ Admitted insurance company. The quality of the coverage is superior and our service is how we differentiate ourselves even more.