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It’s no secret to us that over the past few years, the Stand-up Paddle board industry has been growing like crazy. Here at, we insure guide services, rental businesses, camps, retail locations, fitness/yoga, paddle fishing, manufacturers, special events and races, and just about anything you can think to do on a paddle board. We are the nation’s leading insurer of paddle board businesses and that is something we are very proud of. Our years of experience will help you get the best coverage at the best price.

  • SUP Rental
  • Paddle Board Lessons
  • Guided Eco Tours
  • SUP Fitness
  • SUP Events
  • Mobile Business’
“How did we become the largest insurer of Paddle Board operations in the United States?  A little luck and whole lot of great service.”

SUP Rental

We represent a few companies that really like this business. The growth of SUP has been great for the recreation markets. We have companies that rate coverage using gross revenues and others that use number of boards rented and number of guides as a way to calculate your premiums. Whether you are a resort, located on a lake, bay or even river, we have a product for your business. We even have several mobile paddle board rental and yoga operations insured. And we can do the commercial auto coverage you so desperately need and hope you are buying.

SUP Yoga or SUP Fitness

Are you a small operation that teaches Yoga or Fitness on a stand-up paddle board?

Read More About SUP Yoga Insurance Here

SUP Events and Races

Are you doing association races or events? Are you a member of the World Paddle Association or the Paddlefit? We have relationships with these associations and provide their members with the most competitive insurance available. Not just cost or price but comprehensive liability coverages. So if you need to use the insurance, it will work to your satisfaction.

Paddle Board and Stand Up Paddle Board Insurance is a must have and is the nation’s leading provider of insurance coverage. We offer an “A” Rated program specifically designed with surfers in mind. Contact us today for a quote. There is no obligation.