Don’t buy a surfing insurance plan or paddle boarding insurance plan from an agent who spends all their free time indoors!

When shopping for surfing school insurance, paddle board school insurance, or paddle board rental insurance, be smart.

If you operate this kind of specialty outfit, you have unique insurance risks and need coverage that is tailored made, with a risk assessment that pertains to your individual activity. When shopping for insurance, looking for an outdoor recreation insurance agent that does what you do, whether it is surfing or paddle boarding, is a great way to ensure that you’re properly covered.

Would you feel secure with a ready made plan that is picked off the shelf by someone who has never participated in water sports? Of course you wouldn’t. The first thing you should do is ask your agent about their personal experience with surfing or paddle boarding. You’ll get exactly what you need when your agent can combine a familiarity with your recreational activity with a deep understanding of your assets and operations and an intimate knowledge of insurance options that can only be gained by experience. Beyond this, they must take the time to discuss your concerns directly with you.

Here are a few questions you should expect to your insurance provider to ask:

  • What is your background and level of experience in surfing and/or paddle boarding?
  • How many employees do you have? What is their experience?
  • What do you consider to be your biggest risk?

Then, you should ask them for their background and level of experience in your sport. It’s only when they share a deep understanding that they will choose what’s right for you. The experts at Outdoor Insurance Group spend all of their free time outdoors with experience in every area for which they provide coverage. Outdoor Insurance Group deals exclusively with outdoor recreation insurance insuring adventure outfits including hunting, fishing, paddle boarding, horseback riding, hiking, kayaking, and ATV tours, and more. Talk to them and you’ll see the difference. They can provide you with options, advice, solutions and service based on first-hand knowledge. Guides looking to purchase, renew, or update an insurance plan are invited to call today for a free consultation (888) 683-7808.