Surfing Insurance Safety TipsThe summer season is almost here and it’s time for the surfing insurance specialists at Outdoor Insurance Group to help surf schools and board rental companies keep patrons safe and avoid business risks.

While the most important way to protect your surf business is a good surfing insurance policy, in doing business every day, it is important to know what to look out for and take extra safety precautions.

Knowing your customer is key.  Assess the experience level of every participant and never add risk by putting them in a situation that will be too strenuous or cause them to panic. Be sure that people are well enough and skilled enough to perform the basic functions required. Be fully aware of all capabilities and physical limitations.

Optimal conditions are best in any teaching or rental situation, when people can focus on enjoying the sport without distractions.  Risks arise when there are choppy waves, rip tides, strong winds and even dirty water. Use every resource at your disposal to check conditions before you put your students in jeopardy.  Anticipate sudden changes in the weather.

Be aware of what’s around you.  While sharks are most commonly feared, there are other forms of marine life that can cause injuries or even fatalities.  Jelly fish stings can be dangerous.  Coral and sharp rocks can cause injuries.  Know what is native to your area and be on the lookout for unwanted guests.

Check all of your equipment to be sure that it is in good condition.  Keep extra gear handy in case of damage.  Always be sure to have a first aid kit on hand.

With your good sense and experience, a little research and a solid surging insurance strategy, you are all set to paddle out and have a good season.

The experts at Outdoor Insurance Group spend all of their free time outdoors and are experienced in every activity for which they provide coverage.  Wouldn’t you prefer to purchase surfing insurance from an insurance agent that shares your passion for surfing?   It’s the intimate knowledge of the sport that helps them choose what surfing insurance package is right for you.

Outdoor Insurance Group deals exclusively with outdoor recreation insurance insuring adventure outfits including surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, fishing, hunting, horseback riding, hiking, ATV tours, and more.  They provide you with options, advice, solutions and service based on first-hand knowledge. Surfing instructors and rental operators looking to purchase, renew, or update an insurance plan are invited to call today for a free consultation 1-888-683-7808.