Surfers who are enthusiastic about applying his or her professional skills to benefit others may be really good at surfing, but not have a clue about the specifics of outdoor recreation insurance that can keep their business safe from risk.  No one expects them to.  To protect themselves, they must rely on a professional outfit with years of experience like Outdoor Insurance Group, where surfing is second nature to staff members who have surfed for years.  They know what surfing insurance products your business will need, whatever the type, size, or geography.

Just like any businesses, all outdoor recreation businesses including those offering fishing, boating, kayaking, cycling horseback riding hiking, camping, canoeing, cycling, and rv and camping adventures face threats to their business. But risks to each type of business are unique.  To mitigate the risks faced by surf camps and schools, there are specialized insurance plans tailored to their needs. Ample protection plans address all areas of insurance coverage including liability, business property, personal Injury, hazard and loss of business.

Outdoor Insurance Group serves many profitable and growing surfing-related businesses with surf school insurance, surf camp insurance and surfboard rental insurance.  Surfing instructors and rental operators looking to purchase, renew, or update a surfing insurance plan are invited to call today for a free consultation (888) 683-7808.