Whether you operate a surfing or SUP rental outfit, store, school or camp, business insurance should be a key part of your holiday planning, no matter what your sporting season. It’s a good time to take stock in what plan you have, and visit with a professional insurance representative at Outdoor Insurance Group to make sure that you are protected with a policy that’s current and meets all of your needs. OIG’s SurferInsurance.com is a great resource for insurance in and out of the water. We offer individual insurance strategies for Surf Shop Insurance, Paddleboard Insurance, Surf Camp Insurance and Surf School Insurance.

Change in business is often inevitable. Don’t be caught up in unnecessary risk. When you consider your business insurance needs, some key questions to ask yourself are:

  • Are you planning to grow your business in the upcoming year?
  • Will you be making any big purchases that may affect your coverage?
  • Will your staff numbers change?
  • Will you be getting involved with any other outdoor activities than the ones you currently offer?
  • Has anything changed that you should tell your insurance representatives about that may affect your coverage?

The holidays are a busy time for everyone but, by failing to act, you can put your business at risk. As a smart business owner, you need to properly protect yourself to secure a safe and profitable future.

At Outdoor Insurance Group, our knowledge of water sports and our experience in the insurance industry give us the unique ability to access multiple national insurance companies to design the right coverage at the right price, specifically for surfing and SUP operations. Operating nationwide, we’re the trusted source for outdoor recreation insurance strategies across all activities. We’re always available to review your insurance needs, whether you’re a client or a new customer looking for a free consultation. Contact us at (888) 683-7808.