is your resource for insurance in and out of the water. We offer Surf Shop Insurance, Paddleboard Insurance, Surf Camp Insurance and Surf School Insurance, specifically designed with the surfer in mind. clients include many profitable surfing and watersports-related businesses nationwide. Among them are many newcomers to the industry, which we see as a high growth area. A report at provides some supporting rationale. If you are looking for a new business opportunity and water sports are one of your passions, you’d be smart to think about a career in the surf sports arena.

Take a look at some report excerpts of what has to say:

Surfers are the consumers of the industry and it would be safe to assume that with more surfers in the world, the surf industry must be growing and there a number of signs that it will continue to grow. There are various estimates of the size of the surf industry…about 90,000 people working in the surf industry worldwide.

The primary driver for this growth is the initiative being taken by surfing equipment makers, marketers and associations in making surfing much more accessible to a broader demographic. New technologies in artificial waves and wave parks could see a whole new industry sector develop inland. If you combine this inland geographic expansion of the surf industry with big corporate sponsors the industry has the potential for significant growth. (Reference:

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