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The most important way to protect your water sports business is a good surfer/SUP insurance policy. It’s always smart to work with your insurance representative to stay aware of trends in the insurance market. If necessary, you’ll be advised to take extra safety precautions where your business may be at risk.

Why Does Employee Theft Matter?

“Business Practical Knowledge,” a guide for small businesses, defines employee theft as any stealing, use or misuse of an employer’s assets without permission. The term “employer’s assets” is important because it implies that employee theft involves more than just cash and can include time and supplies, as well as company property. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that 75 percent of all employees steal at least once, and that half of these steal repeatedly. The Chamber also reports that one of every three business failures is the direct result of employee theft. It’s estimated that businesses lose 20% of every dollar to employee theft. That’s a lot of important statistics from distinguished resources to be mindful of for your business. is a leader in the water sports insurance industry. Agents are always ready to advise businesses in all of their areas of concern. Whether you’re new to the industry or operate a more established business, will help you purchase, renew, or update a surfing/SUP business insurance plan tailored to meet your business needs. All watersports businesses including surfing, SUP, kayak, skimboard, and more are invited to call for a free consultation (888) 683-7808. And visit for more information.