For managing business risks, insures small to large, both new and established, businesses nationwide. As a leader in the industry, is the best resource for insurance in and out of the water. Specialties include: Surf Shop Insurance, Paddleboard Insurance, Surf Camp Insurance and Surf School Insurance. Insurance strategies are specifically designed for each individual outfit so no two are alike. shares the Small Business Administration’s recommendation that adopting a variety of risk management strategies can help to avert catastrophe and provide all businesses with the best possible protection.

As a matter of interest, Barbara Weltman, SBA Guest Blogger, discusses choice of entity, contracts and agreements, disaster preparedness, best business practices, and most importantly, business insurance plans at

Here’s what she says about the importance of insurance. “Carrying adequate insurance coverage can go a long way in protecting you from property losses as well as liability claims. Consider the following types of policies for optimum protection”:

  • Business owners’ policy (BOP). This policy for small businesses provides protection for your property (except for excluded events and amounts over the policy limit) as well as liability protection for claims by third parties (e.g., a customer slips and falls on your premises). The policy may also cover employee theft and other occurrences.
  • Professional liability coverage. This policy protects professionals from client claims of mistakes (malpractice), negligence, or unfinished work.
  • Business interruption policy. This policy provides funds to cover your fixed costs (and possibly loss of profits) following an event that shuts you down (e.g., a hurricane).
  • Workers’ compensation insurance. This protects the business for claims when employees have a job-related injury or illness.
  • Employer practices liability insurance (EPLI). This covers you for claims by employees and former employees for such actions as discrimination and wrongful termination.

General business expertise, intimate knowledge of insurance products and benefits, and a passion for water sports, enable to design individual plans for each customer, taking into account their unique business needs and potential for risk. Surf Shops, Paddleboard Outfits, Surf Camps and Surf Schools looking to purchase, renew, or update their insurance plans are invited to call today for a top quality free consultation (888) 683-7808. The goal is always to get you the most out of your insurance policy with the most cost effective plan.