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Five Important Surfing Industry Statistics

  1. In the United States, about 1.73 million people go surfing at least once per year. They join a total population of surfers that is estimated to be about 23 million people. (Statistic Brain)
  2. The average annual revenue that is generated by the global surfing industry is about $7.3 billion each year. (Statistic Brain)
  3. The sale of hard goods is the largest segment of the surfing industry. Surfboards and accessories account for over $3.1 billion in annual sales. Footwear is the largest specific product segment in the industry, accounting for $1.6 billion in sales each year on its own. (Statistic Brain)
  4. One of the fastest growing segments in the surfing industry is for paddleboards. In the last year, it accounted for $18.5 million in sales, but has been steadily rising since 2005. (Statistic Brain)
  5. The United States has the largest share of the surfing industry from a global perspective, accounting for 49% of total sales in the average year. (Global Industry Analysis)

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