is the nation’s leading provider of insurance for surf schools and surf camps.  Today, this customer base is growing, with an ever increasing number of surf schools and camps on the horizon.

Right now, the median age of a surfer is 34 with 16 years of experience.  But the sport is gaining in popularity with a new set of surfers. These statistics are sure to change as younger surfers new to the sport grow in age, and experience. Surf schools and camps are popping up all over the place, meeting the demands for all surf sports on behalf of kids in all age groups. With our clients, safety and a solid insurance plan are always main concerns.

We often hear, “When I was little we just went surfing, nobody needed insurance.”  Today, those kids are cute and they may shred someday but right now they are a huge liability and you need the right coverage.  You need to be sure that you are insured with an “A” Rated Insurance Company that has a strong financial rating.

If you operate a surf school or surf camp, is your resource for insurance in and out of the water. Whether you’re new to the industry or operate a more established business, will help you purchase, renew, or update a surfing business insurance plan tailored to meet your business needs. All watersports businesses including SUP, kayak, skimboard, and more etc. are invited to call for a free consultation. We offer competitive rates on General Liability, Property Coverage and numerous insurance products to fit your requirements. Contact us today for a quote for your surf school or surf camp (888) 683-7808. And be sure to visit for more information.