Outdoor Insurance Group. We are experts in surfing insurance for camps and schools and paddle boarding insurance. Safely enjoying summer activities means knowing the risk factors and preparing ahead to guard against weather related illness and injury. Seasonal temperatures can pose risks to everyone. Surfing insurance is a necessity.

A few precautions from OIG and Weather.com can help keep outdoor recreation activities safe from warm weather risks.

1. Over heating

The most obvious summer weather risk is overheating from exposure to the hot sun. Heat stroke occurs when the body’s ability to regulate its own temperature breaks down. Heat exhaustion results from dehydration. Cramps can occur with lowering sodium levels due from sweating. Anyone who exhibits signs of distress should be cooled down as rapidly as possible and seek medical attention immediately.

2. Extreme Weather

Summer weather can be harmful. You should always stay indoors during a thunderstorm avoiding water as lightning can pose a serious risk. Keep a safe distance from the water and avoid seeking shelter too close to tall or metallic structures. When planning your activities, pay attention to weather reports, or download the Weather Channel phone app and set it to alert you of dangerous conditions.

3. Heart Attacks

The incidence of heart attacks rise in summer, just as in winter. Warning signs to look out for are irregular heartbeat, chest pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, dizziness, sweating, nausea, and vomiting. Seeking immediate medical assistance when in jeopardy of a heart attack can be lifesaving.

4. Sunburn

Always advise your students to use high SPF water proof sunscreen to avoid painful sunburn.
Protecting yourself from extreme conditions is the key to minimizing the risks of all of these hazards. Stay fully hydrated with plenty of water and take some time to relax in the shade to get a break from the sun’s scorching rays. Being safely exposed to fresh air, sunlight and the water sport of choice can fill the spirit and warm the heart.

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