OIG surfing school insurance clients and surfboard rental insurance clients are riding the wave of an ever popular sport. For passionate surfers, there are a growing number of jobs in the industry, as surfing continues to grow — even spawning profitable offshoots including paddle boarding, skim boarding, body boarding and kite surfing. By working in the industry, you can live the dream.

Significantly influencing this growth are surfing equipment and apparel makers who are expanding their product offerings and price points, making the sport much more accessible to a broader market. More people of all ages, incomes and locales are taking up surfing, opening up the market to new business opportunities every day. And don’t forget the increasing popularity of camera surf reports and HD surfing videos, creating new openings as well.

While coastal surfing still dominates the sport, exciting new technologies in artificial waves and wave parks are sparking a whole new industry sector onshore. Still in its infancy, inland surfing has the potential for significant growth.

Many businesses can capitalize off the wealth of potential in this expanding industry. Outdoor Insurance Group serves many profitable and growing surfing-related businesses with surf school insurance, surf camp insurance and surfboard rental insurance. As outdoor industry experts, we deal exclusively with outdoor recreation insurance for clients offering kayaking, fishing, hunting, horseback riding, hiking, ATV tours, and more. We provide insurance options, advice, solutions and service based on first-hand knowledge. Surfing instructors and rental operators looking to purchase, renew, or update a surfing insurance plan are invited to call today for a free consultation (888) 683-7808.