Stand Up Paddle Liability or SUP Insurance: Why you need it.  One of biggest claims we have serviced to date was a non-water related accident. As president of Outdoor Insurance Group, I can remember a similar accident long ago when doing snowmobile rental liability.  A client returned a helmet after hours and slipped and fell on some make shift stairs leading to the rental office. The stairs were icy and poorly built. The fall resulted in a major back injury and client was responsible for the bodily injury.  It’s called premise liability because, as a business, you owe the world a safe place to be.  That claim was over $500,000.

In the recent paddleboard insurance claim, the claimant was a residential contractor hired to do repairs on roof. The claimant slipped on plywood and  fell off of the roof.  This claim has not settled yet and we will see where it goes but it is nice to have a team of lawyers and pile money backing  your defense.  Now the policy does cover work related lawsuits so we need more details, but this claim already has a big reserve and legal fees.  When we sell you a liability policy, the legal and defense fees are covered, in addition to the limits provided to pay any judgments against you.

I guess the moral of this blog post is that you don’t know where any claims are going to come from and they could surprise you.