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Surfer Insurance at Protects Stand Up Paddle Boarding Camps and Schools With Strategic Insurance Plans

In warmer climates the stand up paddle board insurance business continues to grow, even in the winter months. SUP is increasingly practiced in lakes, rivers, ponds and oceans by water sports enthusiasts of all ages and fitness levels. It’s an adventurous outlet for health and fitness, touring and sightseeing, racing, wave and rapids riding and even fishing. SUP can be a solo sport or provide a fun option for family activity at a professional school or camp.

For SUP outfits that offer lessons and rentals, General Liability insurance is a necessity to completely protect against business risk. It’s also a requirement for some towns, beaches and boat ramps where SUP schools and camps operate, and for some special events activities related to boarding. Expert insurers at help clients gain a clear understanding of their personalized insurance strategies as business needs vary according to size, number of employees and many other factors. The professionals at know the SUP insurance business inside and out, and they know where to get the best low cost insurance for their customers.

Many representatives are paddle boarders themselves, so they have a keen understanding of the nuances that are particular to the SUP business. They are well known for devising Stand Up Paddleboard school, camp and club insurance protection plans that meet all business operators’ personal needs, paying special attention to every detail. If you operate an SUP business, call an OIG expert today for a free consultation (888) 683-7808 or visit

Surfer Insurance and SUP Insurance Experts Encourage Surf Shops to Review Their Insurance Plans After A Busy Summer Season

A great summer was had by all and now it’s time to look ahead. If you own a surf shop, business insurance is an important part of your business strategy, no matter what the season. Fall is a good time to take stock in your plan’s features. By reviewing your policy with a professional insurance representative, you’re certain to be fully protected, with a policy that’s current and meets all of your needs. is the leading nationwide resource for insurance in and out of the water – with individual strategies for Surf Shop Insurance, Paddleboard Insurance, Surf Camp Insurance and Surf School Insurance. Visiting should be your first step in protecting your business with the best policy.

When reviewing your business insurance needs, some key questions your advisor will ask are:

  • Are you planning to grow your business in the upcoming year?
  • Will you be making any big purchases that may affect your coverage?
  • Will your staff numbers change?
  • Has anything changed that may affect your coverage?

The process is quick and easy. Failing to do periodic reviews of your insurance coverage could result in unnecessary risk. As a smart business owner, you need to properly protect yourself to secure a safe and profitable future.

At, knowledge of water sports and experience in the insurance industry are paramount. The right coverage at the right price is guaranteed, with strategies that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of each individual surfing and SUP operation. At, professional experts are always available to review insurance needs, for clients or new customers interested in a free consultation. All businesses are invited to call anytime for personal and professional service (888) 683-7808.

Surfer Insurance Safety Tips for Surf /SUP Schools And Rental Outfits Are Still Important With The Season Change

The summer season isn’t over yet, and there will still be business opportunities in early Fall and year round in warmer climates. It’s a good idea to assess your business needs now, after a long season of continuous action. Contact us at to see how we can help your surf/SUP school or rental outfit keep patrons safe and avoid business risks in the weeks ahead.

While the most important way to protect your surf business is a good surfing insurance policy, in doing business every day, it’s important to take extra safety precautions.

Weather changes with the seasons. Optimal conditions are best in any teaching or rental situation, when people can focus on enjoying the sport without distractions. Risks arise when there are choppy waves, rip tides, strong winds, and even dirty water. Use every resource at your disposal to check conditions before you put your students or renters in jeopardy. Anticipate sudden changes in the weather.

Check all of your equipment to be sure that it is in good condition. Keep extra gear handy in case of damage. Always be sure to have a fully stocked first aid kit on hand.

With your good sense and experience, and a solid surfing/SUP insurance strategy, you are all set to keep your business going strong.

At, we spend our free time outdoors and know all about the water sports that we insure. Wouldn’t you prefer to purchase surfing insurance from an insurance agent that shares your passion for surfing? It’s the intimate knowledge of the sport that helps us choose what surfing insurance package is right for you.

Surfing/SUP instructors and rental operators looking to purchase, renew, or update an insurance plan are invited to call today for a free consultation (888) 683-7808.

Why You Need Stand Up Paddle Liability or SUP Insurance

Stand Up Paddle Liability or SUP Insurance: Why you need it.  One of biggest claims we have serviced to date was a non-water related accident. As president of Outdoor Insurance Group, I can remember a similar accident long ago when doing snowmobile rental liability.  A client returned a helmet after hours and slipped and fell on some make shift stairs leading to the rental office. The stairs were icy and poorly built. The fall resulted in a major back injury and client was responsible for the bodily injury.  It’s called premise liability because, as a business, you owe the world a safe place to be.  That claim was over $500,000.

In the recent paddleboard insurance claim, the claimant was a residential contractor hired to do repairs on roof. The claimant slipped on plywood and  fell off of the roof.  This claim has not settled yet and we will see where it goes but it is nice to have a team of lawyers and pile money backing  your defense.  Now the policy does cover work related lawsuits so we need more details, but this claim already has a big reserve and legal fees.  When we sell you a liability policy, the legal and defense fees are covered, in addition to the limits provided to pay any judgments against you.

I guess the moral of this blog post is that you don’t know where any claims are going to come from and they could surprise you.

SUP Insurance or Stand Up Paddle Liability, Loss Cost?

If you are looking to insure your stand up paddle business, look to Outdoor Insurance Group. For low cost SUP we have you covered.

What is General Liability insurance? Why do towns, beaches, boat ramps or special events require it? What does it cover?

We have the answers.

Bodily Injury and Property Damage, Personal Injury and Advertising Injury, we know what all of that means, and we know where to get the best low cost insurance available.

So if your key Word search brought you to then look no further.  Give us a call.  We take pride in great service and quality products.