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Surfer Insurance Leader Outdoor Insurance Group Finds SUP Paddling Lessons for the New Year at SUP Magazine

Surfer Insurance professionals at Outdoor Insurance Group are increasingly insuring Stand Up Paddle businesses as the sport grows with the number of fitness enthusiasts. More people with varying athletic abilities are now SUP surfing and broader age range of participants are taking up the sport. The leading industry magazine SUP ( offers a fun look at lessons for the new year written by Will Taylor. The season will be here before you know it. Join the Stand Up Paddle boarders on staff at Outdoor Insurance Group in heeding his advice! Here’s a summary you can review before reading the entire article on the magazine’s website. Let it inspire you.

  • Keep up the momentum: tackle challenges by continually moving forward
  • Ride the waves of inspiration, luck and happiness
  • Savor your wipeouts: failure brings education
  • Appreciate the process: there is always something new to learn
  • Enjoy the conditions: stay open to the lessons of the water

SUP insurance is one of Outdoor Insurance Group’s specialties. All SUP outfits are different and have unique insurance needs. OIG insurance is comprised of individual strategies combining the personal SUP experience of the staff with years of this specialty insurance knowledge. A free consultation is available to all SUP businesses. By speaking with an OIG expert, you can see if you need to revise your insurance plan due to changes in your business or operating climate, or obtain a newly designed personalized policy for the new year. Call today (888) 683-7808 or visit

Stand Up Paddle Insurance

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Camps and Schools Need Good Paddle Board Insurance Plans

The stand up paddle board insurance business is in growth mode at Outdoor Insurance Group with the increasing popularity of the sport in lakes, rivers, ponds and oceans across the country. Stand up paddling for many is a new outlet for outdoor recreation, health and fitness, mindfulness, touring and sightseeing, racing, wave and rapids riding and even fishing. It’s also becoming more widespread for outdoor enthusiasts in every age group and often chosen as a good option for a family activity.

For outfits that offer lessons and rentals, General Liability insurance is an important resource for complete protection from business risks. It’s also a requirement for SUP locations including towns, beaches and boat ramps and even for special events activities related to boarding. Both schools and rental companies may be subject to claims related to Bodily Injury and Property Damage, Personal Injury and Advertising Injury. Relying on an expert insurer like Outdoor Insurance Group (OIG) helps business owners with a clear understanding of what all of this means and what the appropriate level of coverage is as business needs vary according to size, number of employees and many other factors. The professionals at OIG, know the SUP insurance business well and they know where to get the best low cost insurance for their customers.

As in any outdoor recreation and adventure business, Stand UP Paddle Board Insurance is a necessity. Many OIG representatives are paddle boarders themselves, so they have a keen understanding of the nuances that are particular to the SUP business. They are well known for devising Stand Up Paddleboard school, camp and club insurance protection plans that meet all business operators’ personal needs, paying special attention to every detail. Call an OIG expert today for a free consultation (888) 683-7808.

We Sell Liability for Stand Up Paddle and SUP Insurance

We sell liability for stand up paddle and SUP Insurance.

I own a couple of regular boards that my wife and kids use. I will sometimes try but they are not that stable for me. I have seen the LIVE2Fish catamaran SUP board and I am thinking I must have this board.

I could use this board to do some serious fly-fishing behind Boca Grande in Florida in some very shallow water. Take a look at this:

I’m not sure why I don’t have one yet. I could easily persuade my wife because of the health benefits but I’ll definitely wish I had more time to use it.

This is the only catamaran style I have seen and was thinking how stable it would be as a beginner’s boat, especially in bumpy water. It’s so hard for beginners to balance, in even the slightest of chop.

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