is your one-stop shop for surf and paddle insurance. Our friendly and experienced agents will discuss your individual insurance needs and direct you to the best policies available. We offer general liability coverage to protect the business, property coverage for your surf shop or mobile equipment, as well as a variety of other insurance products we’d be happy to discuss.

Whether you have a board shop, run surf or paddle board camps and lessons, or have a mobile rental business, we can customize the coverage that you need to stay protected. Call or email us today and let us take the hassle out of shopping for your insurance.

group is owned and operated by Outdoor Insurance Group. A retail insurance agency that specializes in providing quality property and insurance products to people who own and operate outdoor recreation businesses. Surfing, kayaking, and SUP insurance was the next logical step for Outdoor Insurance Group, the growth of SUP and Surf Camps is notable. The insurance has been hard to place, expensive and dominated by a few markets. As Outdoor Insurance aggregates the business, we can better negotiate with carriers for better coverages and terms for our clients.

“I don’t surf, my kids do.  I do insurance.  I don’t want my insurance agent to be surfing, I want him to be working.”


Glenn Sudol

President and Owner
Glenn grew up in Manasqauan NJ, right on New Jersey’s best break. Leaving NJ behind to ski the Colorado Rockies he finally settled in in Colorado and has been insuring outdoor recreation since 1993. Glenn has been the past owner of Gillingham & Associates, Underwriting VP of Philadelphia Insurance Company and now owner of Outdoor Insurance Group with the new program,